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  • Food TrendsKim KopackaAugust 1, 2023
    Food trends 2024: To know today what we will eat tomorrow

    Hanni Rützler’s “Food Report 2024” is here and is leading restaurants into the future with the food trends for 2024. This means, among other things, less meat on the plates, and more women in the food and beverage industry. Like last year,...

  • Food TechTina Nielsen - FCSIJuly 28, 2023
    Blockchain in foodservice – tracking food from plot to plate

    Blockchain technology can throw light on the provenance of the food served in foodservice businesses and restaurants, offering reassurance to chefs and diners alike.

  • Food PeopleLucas PalmJuly 27, 2023
    David Muñoz: Against all rules

    David Muñoz, chef at the DiverXO restaurant in Madrid, is the most unfettered chef in the world – and is currently being rediscovered by gourmets and fellow chefs. What makes him more fascinating than ever – and why he still can't...

  • Food ManagementMichi ReicheltJuly 21, 2023
    Simon Rogan – exclusive guest performance at the Bathers’ Pavilion in Sydney

    What does someone who is at the top of the culinary game do? Exactly, they move all the way down under: Simon Rogan, British 3-star chef, gives an exclusive 'gastro' performance down under in the Australian metropolis of Sydney. No easy...

  • Food PeopleAstrid Filzek-SchwabJuly 19, 2023
    Radically Local – how Tomas Lidakevicius cooks at Turnips

    Seasonal and particularly local – that’s the motto of chef Tomas Lidakevicius at Turnips. After all, he only cooks with ingredients from London's Borough Market. KTCHNrebel spoke with the chef about vegetables, micro-seasonality, inspiration and sustainability.

  • Food PeopleRosie Jacobs - FCSIJuly 14, 2023
    Giuseppe Parisi: a culinary journey through Italy in the heart of London

    For, Giuseppe Parisi, food was “at the heart” of his Italian childhood. The same sentiment rings true of his career. He has brought this love to his new role as executive chef of the Al Mare at The Carlton Tower Jumeirah...

  • Food ManagementAstrid Filzek-SchwabJuly 11, 2023
    Young chefs in gastronomy – How could these chefs hold their own as young leaders in professional kitchens?

    To be successful, you need good leaders, especially in an industry as stressful, albeit wonderful, as the restaurant industry. Whether a temp or a qualified professional, both motivation and performance are largely dependent on successful employee management. But what if the...

  • Food TrendsMichael Jones - FCSIJuly 6, 2023
    Rational’s TrendTalk: Looking over the edge of the plate

    In TrendTalk 12, the panel of experts of Rational’s TrendTalk looked to the future – the technological changes that are happening now and those that are coming down the line. How is the foodservice sector embracing change and is it all...

  • Food PeopleAstrid Filzek-SchwabJuly 4, 2023
    Mélanie Serre – Chef with character

    Hardly anyone celebrates and presents food as skilfully and deliciously as Mélanie Serre. At Elsa restaurant in Monte-Carlo Beach, the young French woman relies on organic vegetables from her own garden along with products from the Mediterranean region. The rising star...

  • Food TrendsBarbara E. EulerJune 30, 2023
    Professional kitchens through the ages – a retrospective

    Since time immemorial, a familiar setting has characterized work processes in the professional kitchen: A heat source, plus utensils and pots for different cooking methods. Boiling, roasting, baking. Braising, grilling, stewing. This remained the same until the second half of...

  • Food PeopleAstrid Filzek-SchwabJune 27, 2023
    Forough Vakili – a tasty bite at Le Bon Nosh

    At Le Bon Nosh in Atlanta, Georgia, Forough Vakili focuses on local and seasonal produce. The Iranian-born chemical engineer tells KTCHNrebel how she discovered her love for the art of cooking and about her favorite ingredients.

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerJune 21, 2023
    Cross over into the net: Professional chefs are offering cooking courses and workshops online

    If corona has brought us anything positive, it’s the fine-tuning of our online skills. In many cases, coming across convincingly on screen has become a key survival skill. Chefs also resorted to microphones and cameras to keep in touch with their...

  • Food ManagementLucas PalmJune 19, 2023
    These are the most innovative solutions to the shortage of skilled workers in the hotel industry

    Austria’s youngest star chef Anna Haumer is now an expert in employer branding at Zoku, a hybrid hotel concept that sets new standards internationally. How they are working on promising future solutions for the shortage of skilled workers in the hotel...

  • Food ManagementLucas PalmJune 15, 2023
    No pictures, please! What do influencers actually think of photo bans in Michelin-starred restaurants?

    Photo bans in restaurants can annoy many guests. But why do restaurateurs choose to do this? And what does this mean for full-time food influencers who never eat without their cell phones?

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm & Stephen DuttonJune 13, 2023
    This is the future of dining in 2073

    It's not a peek into a crystal ball, but rather a promising scenario for the future based on data, data, data. This is what the future of gastronomy might look like in 2073, according to Euromonitor. Spoiler: Megatrends ahead!

  • Food ManagementAlexandra GorscheJune 12, 2023
    Dynamic price management in gastronomy – the key to improving profits

    A concept which is already well-known in the hotel and travel industry now also seems to be gaining a foothold in the restaurant business.

  • Food PeopleAstrid Filzek-SchwabJune 7, 2023
    Iker Erauzkin’s Uma – “Forked” in Barcelona

    For guests at Uma in Barcelona, a very special gastronomic experience awaits. You see, chef Iker Erauzkin doesn't simply cook: his whole intention is to transform ingredients into wonderful, sensory experiences. KTCHNrebel spoke to the Basque chef about signature dishes, vegetables...

  • Food ManagementTina Nielsen - FCSIJune 5, 2023
    Healthy workers, healthy planet: how Eurest encourages healthy nutrition and sustainability in catering

    Rees Bramwell, head of nutrition and sustainability with workplace foodservice provider Eurest, tells KTCHNrebel about the key elements to encourage healthy eating habits and gives four tips on how to integrate sustainability in catering.

  • Food TechKTCHNrebel Editorial TeamMay 30, 2023
    Gastronomy under pressure and how pressure cooking can help

    At times, gastronomy is under quite a bit of pressure: Skills shortages, pandemics, energy crises and the like are just a few of the challenges facing restaurateurs. But what can be done to take the pressure off, or even make use...

  • Food ManagementTina Nielsen - FCSIMay 25, 2023
    Seven tips for successful outdoor dining

    As the warmer weather of spring and summer gets closer, restaurants should consider how they can add to revenues by launching an outdoor dining space. KTCHNrebel spoke with industry experts and summarized 7 tips for you how to make your outdoor...

  • Food ManagementAstrid Filzek-SchwabMay 24, 2023
    Keyword: e-fueling station – what about the gastronomic options?

    What is the current situation with regard to the supply of and from e-fueling stations worldwide? Are e-charging and gastronomy a good combination? Filling station operators, fast-charging infrastructure providers and even car manufacturers have new ideas and concepts. The range extends...

  • Food TechJacquetta Picton - FCSIMay 23, 2023
    Unstoppable momentum? Moving the food delivery flywheel

    Food delivery companies are ubiquitous in communities close to urban centers around the world. However, despite growth in revenue, profit is proving tantalizingly elusive. When will the flywheel start to spin?

  • Food PeopleLucas PalmMay 16, 2023
    Dom Fernando’s restaurant Paradise in London: The new Sri Lankan cuisine

    Dom Fernando’s London restaurant Paradise is redefining Sri Lankan cuisine. Why this is pretty brutal – and why his training as an accountant was fortunately just the start of something much more enjoyable.

  • Food TrendsAstrid Filzek-SchwabMay 15, 2023
    Vegan, sustainable, regional: The products from “The Green Mountain” are currently inspiring chefs and their guests

    The Green Mountain champions nature awareness, sustainability and plant-based (professional) cuisine. The Swiss start-up develops products for the gastronomy industry that are 100% vegan and sustainable. “Green” stands for original, healthy and sustainable – and “Mountain” symbolizes the origin and regional...

  • Food TrendsHeike LucasMay 10, 2023
    Plant-based seafood. The plant-based shrimp on trial.

    The small, salmon-red (but plant-based) shrimp slides into the hot oil with a juicy sizzling sound. An unmistakable roasting aroma immediately. Fake wafts through the kitchen, and the gourmet's mouth starts watering. Various recipes with chili, garlic, sea salt and olive...

  • Food ManagementAlexandra GorscheMay 5, 2023
    Dynamic prices for restaurants – a future model?

    Dynamic prices and pricing is nothing new in itself. These have been used in the hotel and travel industry for years. But what about gastronomy? Are dynamic prices even possible or feasible in restaurants? And if so, for which concepts?

  • Food PeopleAlexandra GorscheMay 3, 2023
    Five young chefs you should know about

    The world of gastronomy has never been more colorful than it is today. Despite all the adversity of the last few years, there are still creative, bold and above all young chefs who are not afraid of precarious economic conditions because...

  • Food PeopleAstrid Filzek-SchwabApril 27, 2023
    Salam Dakkak – becoming the best female chef in the Middle East and North Africa with Levantine home cooking

    In 2023, Salam Dakkak was named the best female chef in the Middle East and North Africa. Her recipe for success at Bait Maryam is authentic Levantine dishes from the eastern Mediterranean and her warm hospitality.

  • Food TrendsJuliet Martin - FCSIApril 25, 2023
    The world’s top six most spectacular restaurants

    Dining innovations are taking gastronomy further than ever before – from the heights of Peru’s mountain scapes to underwater in Bali, the Island of the Gods. We spotlight some of the most spectacular destinations across six continents.

  • Food TrendsAlexandra Embacher - FalstaffApril 18, 2023
    Tropical fruit with a bright green pulp: this is what kiwano tastes like

    When you first look at the kiwano from the outside with its blunt, horn-like thorns, you can hardly guess the scrumptiousness of what's inside.

  • Food TrendsAlexandra GorscheApril 18, 2023
    Karen’s Diner – bad service is in demand!

    Unfriendly and visibly annoyed waiters are usually a no-go and why you wouldn't want to go to a place again. Not so at Karen's – here guests even pay for it. Can poor service be well received? Apparently so, because guests...

  • Food ManagementJuliet Martin - FCSIApril 13, 2023
    6 Steps to stop energy waste in professional kitchens

    Up to 70 % of energy is wasted in commercial kitchens. KTCHNrebel present six strategies, from equipment choice to menu design, to stop energy waste, reduce costs, and help protect the planet.

  • Food TechJames Sullivan – FCSIApril 5, 2023
    Dec Penfold: how food and tech are changing the meal delivery business

    The combination of food and tech has provoked enormous change in both the meal delivery industry and people’s eating habits globally. But “we’ve not even scratched the surface”, says Dec’s Kitchen founder, Dec Penfold

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerMarch 29, 2023
    Simon Rogan: A Brit cooks his way to the stars

    He already had two stars; in 2022, Michelin testers honored British chef Simon Rogan with the third for his restaurant L'Enclume, established in 2002, where he presents British cuisine at its best. Wait a minute? British cuisine? That's right, and Simon...

  • Food PeopleLucas PalmMarch 22, 2023
    Carlos Gaytán: from dish washer to (Michelin) star

    Carlos Gaytán made gastronomic history as the first Mexican chef ever awarded a Michelin star. Today, he is considered the most important ambassador for Mexican cuisine. How did this exceptional talent work his way up from the very bottom to the...

  • UncategorizedKTCHNrebel Editorial TeamMarch 21, 2023
    Explore KTCHNrebel in Spanish!

    Today we could finally cut our "launch cake"!

  • Food ManagementTina Nielsen - FCSIMarch 16, 2023
    Is dynamic pricing in foodservice the cure to tough times?

    Restaurants and operators in the foodservice sector are dealing with significant economic challenges. Introducing a demand-based approach to menu pricing may be the solution. An expert talk with pricing expert Torsten Olderog.

  • Food ManagementVictoria Green and Michael Jones - FCSIMarch 10, 2023
    Delivering on the potential: the next stage for meal delivery

    Food delivery has a “very bright” future ahead of it, with ghost kitchens and virtual brands playing a vital role within that, but business models will have to get a lot more durable, says Euromonitor’s Stephen Dutton

  • Food TrendsNicola Afchar-Negad | FalstaffMarch 8, 2023
    Farm to Table: the DIYers

    Farm to Table is not a new concept. International projects, however, are driving the trend to the max – including hydroponic systems. We have collected a few exceptions for you, and will show you how it can also be done on...

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerMarch 7, 2023
    At home as a woman in top gastronomy: world-class chef Haya Molcho shows how it’s done!

    Haya Molcho embodies everything good food stands for: Enjoyment and taste, colors, art, warmth, joy, togetherness. Family. The job changer took the male world of gastronomy by storm and paved the way for a young generation of female chefs. KTCHNrebel met...

  • Food PeopleAstrid Filzek-SchwabMarch 3, 2023
    Nadine Wächter-Moreno: The creative Swiss chef

    She learned her trade in Lucerne and then worked as a chef in Mexico, Australia and the USA. Today, Nadine Wächter-Moreno is the first female head chef at Andaz Singapore. KTCHNrebel spoke to the Swiss native about her career, motivation and...

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerMarch 1, 2023
    Tala Bashmi: Next-level oriental cuisine

    Everyone loves it, the cuisine like in 1001 nights. It is colorful and cheerful, spicy and imaginative, diverse and delicious and best shared in joyful company. But whether Levant or Arabic, Persian or Moroccan, as refined as these cuisines are, they...

  • Food ManagementMichael Jones - FCSIFebruary 24, 2023
    Ghost Kitchen Convention in Amsterdam – expert panel with the Who’s Who of the food-delivery eco system

    KTCHNrebel is a partner of the International Ghost Kitchen Conference, to be held in Amsterdam on March 1-3, 2023. In preview, Rational’s Stephan Leuschner discusses the Leadership Perspectives Panel he will moderate at this groundbreaking event.

  • Food PeopleTina Nielsen - FCSIFebruary 22, 2023
    Rodolfo Guzmán: local hero

    The Chilean chef has had an arduous journey, but today he finds himself among the world’s best chefs. He tells Tina Nielsen it was all worth it.

  • Food ManagementJim Banks - FCSIFebruary 16, 2023
    New concepts in foodservice: Sustainability surges back to the top of the agenda

    With the pandemic seemingly behind us, the foodservice sector is ready to embrace a boom in social dining and once again get to grips with its impact on the environment. KTCHNrebel looks at the most recent data from Euromonitor International to...

  • Food TrendsBarbara E. EulerFebruary 15, 2023
    Flower Burger – how this vegan burger chain made its international breakthrough

    Vegan burgers have long been a featured product and an important component of many snack concepts – and not just vegan ones. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for your product range to stand out from the crowd. But it is...

  • Food PeopleJuliet Martin - FCSIFebruary 10, 2023
    These are four inspiring foodservice influencers of LinkedIn

    Combining the personal and the commercial, social influencers have become a powerful marketing tool. Five foodservice influencers are leveraging LinkedIn to reach new audiences.

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerFebruary 7, 2023
    She cooks sustainably – with success: Heidi Bjerkan

    With award-winning Norwegian chef Heidi Bjerkan, food and farmers come in first. Although she keeps her own cooking unassumingly in the background, you can taste her passion for quality, well-produced food in every dish. With her restaurant network, she practices sustainable...

  • Food ManagementMichael Jones - FCSIFebruary 6, 2023
    Training in the foodservice industry: why it is important and how to integrate it throughout the winter

    Due to the problematic lack of skilled workers in most commercial kitchens, regular training for employees is an inevitable task for restaurateurs. Here are some tips for how hospitality businesses can continue to integrate training, even during the busy and challenging...

  • Food PeopleTina Nielsen - FCSIFebruary 2, 2023
    TiNDLE – changing minds with vegan chicken

    Borna Bayat, vice president of European marketing for TiNDLE, speaks with Tina Nielsen about the evolution of the plant-based vegan chicken alternative.

  • Food TechJacquetta Picton - FCSIFebruary 1, 2023
    The metaverse: pipedream or a practical foodservice platform?

    With a massive surge in technology and the rise of the virtual world it can be tricky to decipher which applications will stick around to make life easier for foodservice. Any depiction of the not-too-distant future on film of TV will...

  • Food TrendsJuliet Martin - FCSIJanuary 27, 2023
    Eatrenalin at Europa-Park: Experience food in a way you never did before

    Ground-breaking new restaurant concept Eatrenalin, located at Europa-Park in Germany, promises “the most exciting gastronomic experience in the world”.

  • Food TrendsJuliet Martin - FCSIJanuary 24, 2023
    A plant-powered start to 2023: The rise of Veganuary

    Having inspired more than a million participants over nearly 10 years, Veganuary offers consumers and operators alike the opportunity to try out meat-free in the new year.

  • Food ManagementAmelia LevinJanuary 20, 2023
    2023’s top industry culinary predictions

    If the last couple of years have been remembered as ‘the year of the pivot’ or ‘the year of challenge’ for the foodservice and hospitality sector, which factors will define 2023? KTCHNrebel makes its predictions for the major industry and cuisine...

  • Food TrendsAlexandra Gorsche - FalstaffJanuary 18, 2023
    These are currently the most expensive restaurants in the world

    For connoisseurs, every fine morsel is worth the cost. Whether it’s spectacular locations or world-class chefs, the most expensive restaurants are usually booked months in advance.

  • Food TrendsAlexandra Gorsche - Falstaff ProfiJanuary 12, 2023
    Food School: What does Nashi actually taste like…?

    Nashi pears: The fruit with a sweet and aromatic taste and a double name

  • Food ManagementTina Nielsen - FCSIJanuary 10, 2023
    Q&A: Forecast for foodservice in 2023

    An expert in spotting trends and forecasting in the foodservice sector, trendologist Mike Kostyo reviews the past 12 months while looking ahead to the new year 2023.

  • Food PeopleAstrid Filzek-SchwabJanuary 5, 2023
    Here’s why Manoella “Manu” Buffara is Latin America’s best chef.

    Champion of a better environment, supporter of urban gardening: Manu Buffara has created her own network of local producers. KTCHNrebel spoke to the Brazilian about the Latin America’s Best Female Chef 2022 Award, her goals and cooking style as well as...

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerJanuary 4, 2023
    Young star chef Pierluigi Saffioti: Twice the success thanks to social media

    Italian cooking star Pierluigi Saffioti is the best example of how you can have fun at work and still excel at what you do. At just 29, he has already worked in ten establishments between Italy and Australia, where he impressed...

  • Food TrendsKTCHNrebel Editorial TeamDecember 29, 2022
    Champagne – Thermodynamics in glass

    It’s a timeless tradition: On December 31 at the stroke of midnight, champagne corks pop all over the world both at home as well as in restaurants and hotels – wherever people gather to toast the new year together. But why...

  • Food TechJacquetta Picton - FCSIDecember 27, 2022
    Ghost kitchens: A safe harbor in stormy waters?

    The last TrendTalk of 2022 – the tenth so far – called upon a panel of assembled experts from across the foodservice sector to discuss how operators can be adaptable, flexible, and creative.

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerDecember 27, 2022
    J. Gamboa – gastronomy is a family affair for him

    Filipino chef J. Gamboa has raised the gastronomy of his home country to international level – with great skill, tireless hard work and a lot of passion!

  • Food ManagementMichael Jones - FCSIDecember 23, 2022
    The Christmas menu evolves: seven tips for festive success

    Alex Rushmer of Vanderlyle offers top seven tips for how he made his restaurant’s Christmas menu – and additional festive offerings – work in changing times

  • Food PeopleAstrid Filzek-SchwabDecember 21, 2022
    Tora Olsson: turning vegan food into an art and experience

    She is an Instagram pro, a food designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Gastronomy and a Master’s degree in Food & Meal Science. Under the ToraFloraFood label, Flora Olsson creates vegan menus, trains chefs and organizes experience dining. Now the Swede...

  • Food PeopleHeike LucasDecember 14, 2022
    Baker and influencer out of passion – Osvaldo Gross

    KTCHNrebel wanted to meet Osvaldo Gross, an Argentinian pastry chef, to talk with him about the secrets of his baking skills and his work as a teacher. But things initially took a different turn, because as it turns out, the friendly,...

  • Food TrendsBarbara E. EulerDecember 14, 2022
    These are the Food Trends 2023

    The world of food is accelerating, and restaurateurs, retailers and manufacturers need to make sure they don't lose touch. Good thing Hanni Rützler has now published the latest Food Report 2023. For the tenth time in a row, the renowned food...

  • Food TrendsJacquetta Picton - FCSIDecember 8, 2022
    Delicious and healthy food concept – POKE HOUSE RULES

    With a growing consumer appetite for delicious healthy food, Poke House has been serving up poke bowls in its uniquely styled premises across Europe. UK Country Manager Juan Mosqueda spoke to Jacquetta Picton about its expansion plans and encouraging growth in...

  • Food ManagementAlexandra Embacher - FalstaffDecember 7, 2022
    Combating the shortage with fewer skilled workers

    Faced with the shortage of skilled workers, these businesses are relying on fewer staff Guests doing it for themselves – this is the principle behind the approach of the Revier Hospitality Group and Koncept Hotels. This concept has the potential to reduce...

  • Food TrendsKTCHNrebel Editorial TeamDecember 2, 2022
    The Maillard reaction – When cooking becomes a science.

    The chef places a raw piece of beef in the cooking system, lets it cook for a couple of minutes with the right program and out comes a perfectly browned steak with an appetizing grill pattern – all thanks to the...

  • Food ManagementElly EarlDecember 1, 2022
    Feed the feed – Instagram for restaurants

    Instagram is fast becoming an indispensable part of the marketing mix for restaurateurs. Elly Earls finds out how to get it right. 69% of Millennial diners take a photograph of their food before eating it, with 30% saying they wouldn’t go...

  • Food TrendsSusanne SchilcherNovember 24, 2022
    Food and football: What to expect from foodservice at the Qatar World Cup 2022

    As three billion international viewers tune into the Football World Cup this month, Qatar has the opportunity to showcase its culture to the world, and food and foodservice will be one of the champions.

  • Food ManagementJacquetta Picton, FCSINovember 22, 2022
    Hospitality: Rising energy prices force actions

    Hospitality businesses are looking at ways to keep energy costs low as Europe faces hikes in energy bills

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerNovember 22, 2022
    BettaF!sh: The tuna fish rescuers

    He likes seaweed. Back when he was still studying resource management, Jacob von Manteuffel made a documentary about marine algae pioneers who were exploring cultivation and breeding options in Europe and Asia for environmentally friendly marine plants that do not need...

  • Food ManagementAstrid Filzek-SchwabNovember 16, 2022
    This is how you organize modern day kitchen routines!

    What are the basic requirements for efficient kitchen organization? How can you overcome obstacles in your day-to-day work? How does digitalization help me in the kitchen? How do I work efficiently and sustainably?

  • Food TrendsJohannes Stühlinger - RollingPinNovember 10, 2022
    Freshly caught seafood: Straight from the bottom of the sea to your mouth

    What was unthinkable yesterday is a hot commodity today: shellfish delivered alive and freshly caught. Norwegian fishing pioneers, high-tech and the fine palates of chefs such as René Redzepi make this possible.

  • Food TrendsKTCHNrebel Editorial TeamNovember 8, 2022
    Fondue – the chemistry between wine and cheese

    With the winter season approaching, the pots for cooking up a scrumptious fondue are once again being pulled out of kitchen cupboards. The goal of the evening is clear: Create a smooth cheese mixture that is thick enough to dip bread...

  • Food TechJacquetta Picton - FCSINovember 7, 2022
    The cultured meat market goes on safari

    A New York start-up is promising to bring wild and exotic tastes to the table without harming any animals or the environment.

  • Food PeopleAstrid Filzek-SchwabNovember 2, 2022
    From nose to tail: That is why an increasing number of chefs are embracing breeding

    Whether cattle, water buffalo, mangalitza pigs or poultry, many chefs are now breeding animals themselves. The motto here is from nose to tail. KTCHNrebel spoke to top chefs from Switzerland, Germany and France. A glimpse into a cooking philosophy beyond factory...

  • Food TrendsAnke SommerOctober 28, 2022
    Scary beautiful, damn delicious! Dessert illusions of chef Ben Churchill

    Appetising is something else and nevertheless the food illusionist Ben Churchill’s dessert creations are the most trendy you can possibly make out of sugar. No other chefs play so virtuously with the combination of sight and taste, with the "ick" factor,...

  • Food ManagementAstrid Filzek-SchwabOctober 27, 2022
    “Keep the change” – the truth about tipping

    Ten percent, or 20? How much should it be? Is it an extra thank you or mandatory? The debate about tipping is an ongoing international issue. Where does the term come from? Who does it belong to – and what is...

  • Food PeopleKTCHNrebel Editor TeamOctober 20, 2022
    These are the 20 Best Chefs of Instagram 2022

    Instagram includes posts on almost every topic. The network is now also a treasure trove of culinary content. Whether you are an amateur chef or a Michelin-starred professional, there are countless insights behind the scenes, delicious recipes and a wealth of...

  • Food TechJacquetta Picton - FCSIOctober 19, 2022
    Visionaries of the foodservice future: forward-looking and future facing experts

    For the ninth TrendTalk live webinar the topic of visionaries of the future brought together compelling speakers and the chance for participants to ask questions and learn some lasting lessons.

  • Food TrendsRollingPinOctober 14, 2022
    What are Goa beans?

    Beans for everyone. Goa beans, also called winged beans, could easily fight hunger around the world, especially in tropical countries. This is because everything you can use every part of this bean, from the flowers and leaves to the seeds and...

  • Food PeopleLucas Palm & Johannes Stühlinger - RollingPinOctober 12, 2022
    Karime Lopez – Why the future of gastronomy should be more female

    From zero to one hundred on her own accord – becoming the highly decorated head chef at Massimo Bottura's Gucci Osteria. Right now, no success story is more spectacular than that of the Mexican female chef Karime Lopez. But what's behind...

  • Food PeopleJacquetta Picton - FCSIOctober 4, 2022
    Operator focus: Cameron Mitchell Restaurants

    Cameron Mitchell Restaurants – started at a kitchen table in Columbus, Ohio – is thriving thanks to its founder’s gift for developing winning restaurant concepts and a company-wide commitment to recruiting and retaining top hospitality talent.

  • Food TrendsBarbara E. EulerSeptember 30, 2022
    They do it! Gastro heavyweight Enchilada takes off to new success with ghost kitchens

    For years, it has been one of Germany's top-selling leisure restaurants and among the top 30 largest gastronomy companies in Germany: the Enchilada Group with many strong concepts and individual restaurants. In fact, they have around 100 businesses, which bring in...

  • Food ManagementIlona MarxSeptember 28, 2022
    Zero Waste: Countdown to zero

    For a long time, the Silo in Brighton was the lonely pioneer on the zero-waste restaurant scene. Now, a paradigm shift is finally on the horizon. 

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm - RollingPinSeptember 22, 2022
    Magic Mushrooms

    Mushrooms embody hyper-regionality and can be prepared in a masterful manner using a wide variety of techniques. Why chanterelles are even too dangerous for worms and insects – and what parasites have something to say in the mysterious mushroom matrix.

  • Food TrendsDr. Grégory SchmauchSeptember 20, 2022
    Meringue: the art behind the white, airy-sweet temptation

    It is white as snow and can be prepared following a French, Swiss or Italian recipe. You can bake it, eat it directly as a sweet treat, or use it as a decoration on cakes. Almost everyone knows it and has...

  • Food TrendsRollingPinSeptember 15, 2022
    What does crystalline ice plant actually taste like…

    Healthy and good: With its slightly salty taste, crystalline ice plant is full of surprises and vitamins.

  • Food PeopleHannes Kropik – Rolling PinSeptember 13, 2022
    Eric Vildgaard: Great plates instead of terror.

    Eric Vildgaard's story reads like the premise for an action-packed Hollywood sensation. That this former thug and drug dealer turned into one of the best chefs in Europe has everything to do with respect, precision and discipline – not to mention...

  • Food TechTina Nielsen - FCSISeptember 8, 2022
    A Beastly business

    Virtual restaurants and delivery-only concepts have been on the rise since the pandemic. Among the standout success stories is the young American Jimmy Donaldson and his Mr Beast’s Burgers operation.

  • Food TrendsBarbara E. EulerSeptember 6, 2022
    Bowl experience: Successfully putting 2023 food trends into effect with bowls

    For guests, bowls are a guaranteed delight. For restaurateurs, they offer unmatched opportunities to position themselves as both trend-driven as well as unique. The amount of work is minimal – even with recipe ideas from a star chef!

  • Food TechElsie Clark - FCSISeptember 2, 2022
    Practical robotics and the future of foodservice

    The benefits of using robotics in commercial kitchens for certain tasks are becoming clearer and its usage more widespread, but is there a limit to its practical implementation?

  • Food TrendsKTCHNrebel Editorial TeamAugust 30, 2022
    French fries – the science behind perfectly crispy fries

    Who doesn't know it, that distinctive smell that tickles our nostrils and lures us into a restaurant, snack bar or kitchen? A dish whose golden brown color is pleasing to both our eyes and palates. When you take a bite and...

  • Food PeopleNina Wessely - RollingPinAugust 25, 2022
    Rasmus Kofoed: vegan to the gastro Olympus?

    Rasmus Kofoed runs half marathons, has won the prestigious French Bocuse d'Or as a Dane, cooks his way to second place on the 50 Best list and is now suddenly going vegan with his restaurant Angelika. Perhaps it's because he has...

  • Food ManagementKatarina Jurczok, Mirco KurreckAugust 23, 2022
    Aquaponics: symbiotic habitats for food of the future

    Diners at Sollo shake their heads in wonder as the sun dips below the horizon on Spain’s southern Mediterranean coastline. It’s only partly because of the view, though—the real spectacle here is on the ceramic plates on this side of the...

  • Food ManagementElsie Clark - FCSIAugust 22, 2022
    Eight ways restaurateurs can help fight the climate crisis

    From sourcing locally and seasonally, to planning “plant-forward” menus and making kitchens smarter and more efficient, here are eight ways restaurateurs can contribute to tackling climate change.

  • Food TrendsHannes Kropik - RollingPinAugust 17, 2022
    How the future tastes – proteins do not always have to be animal

    The title of Heinz Strunk's cult novel "Fleisch ist mein Gemüse" (Meat is my Vegetable) will soon be turned on its head. Meat substitutes from alternative vegan protein sources have long since begun to overtake animal protein.

  • Food PeopleLucas Palm - RollingPinAugust 10, 2022
    Fermentation pro David Zilber: Bacteria on the stove!

    Nobody can do more with bacteria than he does. David Zilber is the poster child for the global fermentation hype. Why he abandoned his own research laboratory at the best restaurant in the world – and how he wants to save...

  • Food TrendsKTCHNrebel Editorial TeamAugust 8, 2022
    Ice cream: the science behind the frosty treat

    Macadamia nut brittle, white chocolate cookie, salted-caramel cheesecake? Or do you prefer the classics—vanilla, chocolate chip, butter pecan? It's the most beautiful time of the year, and the higher the temperatures rise, the more we crave ice cream. But as we're...

  • Food PeopleBernhard Leitner - Rolling PinAugust 5, 2022
    Over a mug of beer…

    For more than 20 years, Michael Möller has been in charge of the legendary Hofbräu in Munich. Over a mug of beer, the passionate restaurateur talks about the ambitious franchise concept, the immense expectations and what the Free State of Bavaria...

  • Food ManagementJacquetta Picton - FCSIAugust 4, 2022
    Ghost kitchen models: no evolution without revolution

    The ghost kitchen market continues to change apace. But which models will become the most successful in the near future? A July 2022 TrendTalk webinar, featuring expert speakers, sought to find the answers.

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm - RollingPinJuly 28, 2022
    SUPER SEA FOOD: Seaweed

    Seaweed is a superfood par excellence and also good for the climate. Why sea spaghetti, kombu and co. could revolutionize our entire food system – and what deep-sea ropes have to do with inoculations.

  • Food PeopleAlexandra GorscheJuly 26, 2022
    No Limits – for vegan TV chef Matt Pritchard

    A life without borders: Skateboarder, stuntman and vegan TV chef. Matt Pritchard makes a appeal to the industry: "Get more interested in the plant-based lifestyle, because it's the future!"

  • Food ManagementJacquetta Picton - FCSIJuly 21, 2022
    Managing costs for foodservice businesses in times of increasing prices

    With pressures on costs due to rising food costs, energy price increases and labor shortages the margin for operators is being squeezed. We ponder the different tactics and tools hospitality businesses can take to remain viable in challenging times.

  • Food ManagementSonja Planeta – Fallstaff ProfiJuly 19, 2022
    Instilling meaning – how to keep skilled workers in gastronomy

    What good is success if fun gets left behind? If you just get on with your work, but it's not fulfilling, nor meaningful? Anyone asking themselves these questions could find the answers in purpose driven organizations: They place the needs of...

  • Food ManagementTina Nielsen - FCSIJuly 15, 2022
    De Meal Prepper: serving up beautiful plates

    With over 25,000 followers on Instagram, Jolanda Stokkermans has attracted people from across the world with her elaborately designed plates of food depicting everything from plants and animals to celebrities. KTCHNrebel spoke to her about her inspiring success with food art...

  • Food TrendsNico Zoltan - RollingPinJuly 6, 2022
    Roadkill cuisine: Outstanding ingredients killed on the road

    Eating a corpse found on the road doesn't sound very appetizing. Is Roadkill Cuisine unfairly given a bad reputation? In an (involuntary) self-test, even a Michelin star chef was impressed.

  • Food PeopleJuliet Martin - FCSIJuly 4, 2022
    Meet eight self-made foodservice millionaires

    Success in the restaurant business is notoriously challenging, but that’s not to say that it’s out of reach. These eight entrepreneurs have turned their passion – and our appetites – into some of the world’s most successful foodservice businesses. Here’s what...

  • Food ManagementKTCHNrebel Editor TeamJune 24, 2022
    Enough is enough: 5 tips to put an end to Food Waste!

    Every year, somewhere along the road from farms to processing plants, restaurants, and households, 1.3 billion tons of food wind up in the trash rather than in our stomachs. It’s an astonishing and thought-provoking statistic — think of the valuable environmental...

  • Food TrendsRollingPinJune 21, 2022
    What do wood ears taste like?

    Vegans and vegetarians, listen up now! Although 'ear' may sound like meat, this ingredient has absolutely no connection with animal products. Wood ears are simple tree mushrooms that we have all come across without knowing it. Keyword: Asian wok dishes.

  • Food TechNadine Otto, Mirco KurreckJune 17, 2022
    Pixel pasta: will 3D food printers revolutionize the restaurant industry?

    The room is bathed in soft pink light; the few chairs are lit up in green from underneath. Geometric shapes float past on the walls. It’s not garish, but it’s very futuristic - sort of a combination spaceship-laboratory thing. Diners are...

  • Food TechElly EarlsJune 10, 2022
    The potential of IoT in the foodservice sector

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has huge potential to transform the foodservice sector. Elly Earls finds out how.

  • Food ManagementJuliet Martin - FCSIJune 8, 2022
    Five tips to gain positive word-of-mouth for your foodservice operation

    Potential restaurant customers can consult the opinion of thousands with the click of a button, so how do you keep the conversation positive? Juliet Martin speaks to the experts.

  • Food ManagementKatarina JurczokJune 6, 2022
    Four-day weeks: This restaurant chain’s serving work-life balance

    The fate of the restaurant world seems to be hanging on the thread of personnel shortages. The entire industry is breathless from fighting over good recruits - but the solution may lie in rethinking their scheduling models. One star in the...

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerJune 2, 2022
    No kitchen? No problem!

    Norbert Friedl (43) runs Telia Kitchen Rentals GmbH in Lengau, Austria. His mission: to bring commercial kitchens wherever they’re needed. Fast. Customized. Perfect. And always temporary. We asked him about the peaks and challenges of his work - From planning and...

  • Food PeopleLucas Palm - RollingPinJune 1, 2022
    Hans Neuner: The king of the sea

    Portugal’s star chef Hans Neuner needs an adventure for the soul and the sea air to breathe. To find this, the Tyrolean-born chef traveled from Ghana to Goa – and has brought more than just his new menu back from ...

  • Food TrendsSascha Barby & Daniel KlausMay 28, 2022
    Taste-testing alternative protein burgers

    More and more people are trying to go meatless for health, environmental, or ethical reasons, but not all of them are willing to say goodbye to burgers — which is why there’s an entire industry working on alternatives to meat patties,...

  • Food TrendsElly Earls & Daniel KlausMay 28, 2022
    Plant-based burger – a still growing market

    Demand for plant-based meat is fast on the up. KTCHNrebel finds out how three of the market leading burgers stack up.

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerMay 24, 2022
    Salt & Silver: The secret of their gastronomic success

    Surfing mega-waves with a finger in every pot – the guys at Salt & Silver refuse to be categorized, and they’re leaving the Hamburg culinary scene breathless. KTCHNrebel asked them about the secret of their gastronomic success.

  • Food TrendsKTCHNrebel Editorial TeamMay 20, 2022
    This is Umami – The unknown fifth taste

    If you ask people on the street what tastes they know, most will be able to name four immediately: Sweet, salty, sour and bitter. The fifth, however, umami will name only the fewest and / or also know. But what does...

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerMay 18, 2022
    Take these measures to fight the staff shortage in the foodservice industry

    Even before Corona, it wasn't easy to attract job seekers to the restaurant and hospitality industry. Now many of the hard-won employees have simply left. But hope is on the horizon. These measures can help solve the shortage of skilled workers.

  • Food TrendsSonja Planeta – Fallstaff ProfiMay 16, 2022
    Essential oils in foodservice – What a scent!

    We know essential oils from alternative medicine, body care and ambient scenting, but we rarely find them in food and beverages. However, they are ideal for enhancing the flavor. A glimpse into aromatic cuisine.

  • Food ManagementElly EarlsMay 10, 2022
    How sustainable is your menu?

    Consumers are more aware than ever about the impact their food choices have on the planet, but are chefs delivering them the information they require?

  • Food ManagementBirgit KiddMay 6, 2022
    Six tips how to beat skilled staff shortage in your kitchen

    It’ll all be okay... but how? Contrary to what you might think from the atmosphere in the culinary world, the industry isn’t actually on the brink of an apocalypse. We need to get past the myth that it’s all miserable cooks, waiters,...

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerMay 5, 2022
    Cloud Eatery – how this food startup overcame initial pitfalls

    Matthias Schneider and Remo Gianfrancesco love food and, as experienced experts, had already made a big splash in the food service and supplier market. Then they came up with a completely new idea, and put it into action. When founding Cloud...

  • Food PeopleHeike LucasApril 28, 2022
    Happy Ocean Foods: The Ocean Rescuers

    Everyone is talking about meat substitutes, but what about fish substitutes? This is actually a no-brainer, since overfishing of the world's oceans has long been an issue. At least that is what Julian Hallet thinks. He is a co-founder of Happy...

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerApril 27, 2022
    Wild, honest, strong: Exceptional chef Lucki Maurer and a respect for life

    Exceptional chef Ludwig “Lucki” Maurer fought his greatest battle at the beginning of his 20s. The adversary: Lymphoma, inoperable. The prognosis: bad. An item on the bucket list that got this young man through his agonizing chemo: To become celebrity chef...

  • Food TechNicola Afchar-Negad - Falstaff PROFIApril 22, 2022
    The new reality

    Metaverse, augmented and virtual reality – when will the long-predicted breakthrough finally arrive? Many factors suggest that this is the year. Where technology has already gained a foothold: KTCHNrebel has the insight.

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerApril 13, 2022
    Vitus Winkler and his gourmet restaurant Kräuterreich: Cheerful summit for the palate

    In Salzburgerland, four-toque chef Vitus Winkler delights guests from all over the world with his subtle Alpine cuisine. He prefers to start his day collecting herbs in nature. KTCHNrebel met up with this likable man in his mid-thirties for a chat.

  • Food TrendsAlexandra GorscheApril 7, 2022
    This is how “The New Normal” will look like in the foodservice industry

    The experiences that have changed our everyday lives and consumer behavior during the pandemic are disrupting tried-and-tested structures, while simultaneously opening up new markets for the food industries. The shift towards sustainability and localism, the e-food movement and everything about post-covid...

  • Food ManagementJohannes Stühlinger - RollingPinApril 1, 2022
    ZERO WASTE: Don’t mess up!

    The importance of food has finally become clear to us during the pandemic. Suddenly, the focus is on keeping restaurant kitchens cooking in such a way that no waste is produced. This has led to some exciting Zero Waste concepts.

  • Food TrendsRollingPinMarch 28, 2022
    What does duck tongue actually taste like?

    Along with crispy duck, duck tongue dishes are nothing out of the ordinary in traditional Chinese restaurants. But what do they taste like?

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerMarch 22, 2022
    Magical moments for the palate – a Mexican in Barcelona

    Ever since he cooked his way to a star at Albert Adrià’s Hoja Santa restaurant in Barcelona, Paco Méndez has been an ambassador for Mexican cuisine in Spain. Then Hoja Santa fell victim to the coronavirus pandemic – together with every...

  • Food PeopleLucas Palm - RollingPinMarch 16, 2022
    Legend of the Italian top gastronomy – Nadia Santini

    As the first woman to win a coveted three Michelin stars in truly cuisine-crazed Italy, Nadia Santini has been making gourmet history for nearly three decades. How the Italian became the official best chef in the world without any formal...

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerMarch 9, 2022
    Heinz Reitbauer: Digitization and sustainability – a win-win for Michelin-starred cuisine

    At the Viennese gourmet restaurant Steirereck, Heinz Reitbauer celebrates traditional regional products. But when it comes to modern software, the Michelin-starred chef also pulls out all the stops. The friendly Austrian took time for an exclusive interview with KTCHNrebel.

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm - RollingPinMarch 3, 2022
    Bourbon vanilla – black Madagascar gold

    Around 80 percent of the world’s vanilla is cultivated in Madagascar. Why this leads to public executions and gruesome lynchings – and what a twelve-year-old slave has to do with it.

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerFebruary 23, 2022
    Korean temple cuisine – a gastronomy concept with promise

    It is one of the delicate culinary arts that blooms in secret: Korean temple cuisine. However, this gastronomy concept is far from being a wall flower – on the contrary!

  • Food TrendsRolling PinFebruary 18, 2022
    What does Stachys actually taste like?

    Stachys is considered a rare delicacy in Europe – but it's a culinary all-rounder in the kitchen!

  • Food TrendsRolling PinFebruary 10, 2022
    What does lotus root taste like?

    This Asian vegetable looks cool, is chock full of vitamins and can be used in a variety of ways. Find out here what else the lotus root has to offer.

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm - RollingPinFebruary 9, 2022
    An old school favorite with a twist: Dry aging, but with fish

    Dry Aging has always been associated with beef – but not rightly so. Pioneers such as Australian top chef Josh Niland show that the full potential of fish is also only unlocked when dry-aged. How exactly this works – and what...

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerFebruary 3, 2022
    Digitally into the future of care

    Thanks to sophisticated software, modern hospital kitchens are becoming a sought-after food group. Owners, employees and guests benefit from safe and optimized processes. The kitchen success story at the University Hospital Mannheim shows where the journey is headed and why there...

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerFebruary 1, 2022
    Double game – twins take the stars from the gastronomic heavens to Moscow

    With two Michelin stars and one Green Star, Russian brothers Ivan and Sergey Berezutskiy's innovative Twins Garden gastronomic concept, which is housed in a light-filled location high above the rooftops of Moscow, is a resounding success. KTCHNrebel met up with the...

  • Food PeopleLucas Palm – Rolling PinJanuary 27, 2022
    Star chef Antonia Klugmann: The dream catcher

    Antonia Klugmann is one of Italy’s most promising chefs. Why she was declared utterly mad twice in her life and how a tragic car accident turned her into a restaurateur.

  • Food ManagementIlona MarxJanuary 25, 2022
    Top six foodservice tips for 2022

    What to do in '22. The new year is here, and it's full of surprises, challenges and opportunities for the world of gastronomy. We gazed into a crystal ball and pinpointed the trends that will shape the restaurant and hospitality sector...

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerJanuary 21, 2022
    Working with what’s there – sustainability in its extreme form

    The Faroe Islands are known for their striking, rough ocean scenery and treeless, barren landscape. Not the right place for star gastronomy – or is it?

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm - Rolling PinJanuary 20, 2022
    This makes Dieter Meier’s Ojo de Agua cattle farm in Argentina one of the most legendary in the world

    Since 1997, the Swiss pop icon Dieter Meier has run a cattle farm in the Argentinian pampas. Discover why chef of the century Eckart Witzigmann also swears by Meier's unique pasture-raised meat – and why everything depends on keeping the grass...

  • Food TrendsMichael Jones - FCSIJanuary 13, 2022
    Making a difference – Heroes of Hospitality 2021

    From the admirable to the pioneering, we look at the men and women who have stood out from the crowd or gone the extra mile for foodservice and hospitality during an exceptionally challenging period.

  • Food TrendsKatie Morris - FCSIJanuary 5, 2022
    Top ten foodservice trends for 2022

    Looking ahead to 2022 and beyond, to see the key trends that will dominate foodservice and hospitality

  • Food TrendsJessica BraunDecember 30, 2021
    Green gastronomy – with a green conscience

    Organic, fair trade, vegan, local – these seals are intended to increase transparency in food consumption and provide consumers with more oversight. The Greentable association also wants to establish the concept in the gastronomy industry. A look behind the scenes.

  • Food TrendsKatie Morris - FCSIDecember 28, 2021
    The future of virtual restaurants

    Katie Morris explores how this sector will evolve in 2022 and beyond

  • Food PeopleBarbara E. EulerDecember 23, 2021
    Cook the world well – how a star chef works for a better life on this planet

    The camaraderie in the restaurant kitchen is reminiscent of a pirate ship – and that’s why Jessica Rosval became a chef in the first place. Today, she is very enthusiastic about Massimo Bottura in the kitchen, is considered Italy’s best chef...

  • Food PeopleHeike LucasDecember 21, 2021
    Choice supermarkets: The reinvention of the c-store

    When Mike Forgaty opened his first convenience store in Denver, Colorado a few years ago, it was a very brave move. Although he had many years of experience in the food industry, he had never done anything with retail before. However,...

  • Food TrendsRollingPinDecember 16, 2021
    What does Adji Cress actually taste like?

    Adji Cress is becoming increasingly popular. Besides being decorative, this East Asian native supposedly has beneficial properties according to folk medicine.

  • Food ManagementRolhat Zen-Aloush, FCSI Foodservice ConsultantDecember 14, 2021
    TrendTalk: How ghost kitchens are changing the market for the future

    The latest TrendTalk webinar from Rational focused on charting the future of the sector.

  • Food TrendsJacquetta Picton - FCSIDecember 13, 2021
    Bring on the substitute

    With the COP26 summit in Glasgow focusing minds on the imperative to change our ways to avoid catastrophic climate change, we could make a start by looking at the food we eat – with plant-based diets becoming increasing popular. But is...

  • Food PeopleJessica BraunDecember 13, 2021
    Back to the roots

    At Copenhagen's high-end restaurant AMASS, Californian Matt Orlando is bringing his vision of sustainability to life by making the most of leftovers culinary-wise. His hippie parents are partly responsible for this.

  • Food TrendsRollingPinDecember 2, 2021
    What does Lupine Cress actually taste like?

    You can learn all about the allergen lupine's kid sister, Lupin Cress, here.

  • Food TrendsKTCHNrebel Editor TeamDecember 1, 2021
    Thank you for 3 years of loyalty!

    In the last three years, since our online magazine saw the light of the food service world, over 1.5 million readers have visited us.  We want to say:

  • Food TechKatie Morris - FCSINovember 30, 2021
    Into the metaverse

    Does Facebook’s latest announcement herald the virtual future of the foodservice industry? Katie Morris speaks to expert consultants about the likelihood of operating in the metaverse

  • Food ManagementKatie Morris - FCSINovember 25, 2021
    A step-by-step to social media success

    KTCHN Rebel speaks to foodservice industry PR guru Felicity Read to get the low-down on the dos and don’ts of social media and how chefs can avoid an Instagram faux pas as well as get that perfect photo to share on...

  • Food TrendsBarbara E. EulerNovember 18, 2021
    Where have all the people gone? –Shortage of skilled workers in the hospitality industry

    A gigantic exodus is raging in the hospitality industry, and it's happening all over the world. One reason is the Corona pandemic, but the causes lie much deeper.

  • Food TrendsMarc-Stefan AndresNovember 16, 2021
    Zero food waste: getting the best from leftovers

    Instock is the name of a restaurant and wholesale grocery store in Amsterdam. They cook and sell vegetables, meat and fish here, which would otherwise have been discarded. Their zero-waste concept has given rise to a fine flavor experience and a...

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerNovember 12, 2021
    Great taste, less waste

    The coronavirus crisis made it abundantly clear: takeout food and its disposable containers create irresponsible amounts of trash. But alternatives are out there.

  • Food ManagementTina Nielsen - Gastronomieexpertin bei FCSINovember 11, 2021
    Supply and demand: fixing the world’s food supply chain

    As the world continues to recover from the pandemic, foodservice is feeling the effects of a stuttering global supply chain system causing a serious headache for restaurants

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm - RollingPinNovember 5, 2021
    How jackfruit opens up new culinary worlds

    Flour, puree, burritos, pickles... jackfruit is a lot more than just a meat substitute. Chef Johannes Marterer visits the Rolling Pin Soul Kitchen to show us just what jackfruit is capable of. And tells us why it's only a matter of...

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerNovember 3, 2021
    Comfort food: how the coronavirus has supercharged the snacking trend

    Between-meal nibbles are so much more than just food. Snacks comfort us, distract us, make us happy, and feel healthier to us than big, heavy traditional meals. Though the pandemic has us all snacking with a vengeance, the trend has been...

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm - RollingPinOctober 29, 2021
    Is the future of (fine) dining vegan?

    From dubious whole-grain glop for militant hippies to Michelin-worthy culinary trend for the top chefs of tomorrow: why vegan food could become restaurants' new normal - and what giant power bills have to do with it.

  • Food TrendsRolling PinOctober 26, 2021
    How do you eat… wakame?

    Wakame is known as the healthiest algae variety. Read on to learn where it comes from, how it's used, and what it tastes like.

  • Food PeoplePeter GaideOctober 25, 2021
    New ways for sustainable gastronomy

    Truly practicing sustainability in the gastronomy industry is a major challenge, because of the many and diverse ecological, social and economic aspects:

  • Food PeopleJacquetta Picton - FCSIOctober 20, 2021
    Hip hops: the craft beer boom in profile

    Gareth Davies and Yohanna Best use hydroponics to grow hops indoors at Dark Farm.

  • UncategorizedKTCHNrebel Editor TeamOctober 14, 2021
    Autumn – Vibes in the gastronomy

    Now that the days in the northern hemisphere are already getting noticeably shorter again, it is time to say welcome to autumn - also in gastronomy and professional kitchen!

  • Food TechAlexandra Gorsche - Falstaff ProfiOctober 12, 2021
    Service robots – the future of gastronomy?

    Digitization is providing solutions for the current shortage of skilled workers in the gastronomy industry. Will this result in a revolution in human resources policy? An argument in favor of robots.

  • Food TechStephanie Fuchs-Mayr - RollingPinOctober 11, 2021
    The workroom of the future

    Rising personnel and energy costs, a shortage of skilled workers and the pressure to improve efficiency are just three factors that are having a significant impact on professional kitchen planning and operations, both now and in the future. Large and small...

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerOctober 5, 2021
    Disabilities are no disability – enjoy barrier-free

    The future lies in barrier-free services and facilities, including in the gastronomy and hotel industry. Guests with disabilities are often escorted by others and are inclined to remain loyal to successful concepts and enthusiastically recommend them within their circles and communities....

  • Food TrendsRolling PinSeptember 30, 2021
    In-vitro meat: wagyu beef from the 3D printer

    For the first time, researchers at Osaka University have created textured in-vitro meat with a Wagyu-like consistency using a bio-printer.

  • Food ManagementJacquetta Picton - FCSISeptember 28, 2021
    TrendTalk: Retail meets ghost kitchens

    Ghost kitchens, dark stores and where retail delivery converges with the biggest growth area in foodservice: the fourth TrendTalk webinar from Rational discussed the market, the opportunity and the future.

  • Food TrendsIlona MarxSeptember 27, 2021
    FoodCampus Berlin – a place for the nutrition of tomorrow

    To work. To research. To produce. In one place. In Berlin, plans are underway for an extraordinary project geared toward the food manufacturing industry as well as startups, scientists, chefs and other food industry thought leaders. The groundbreaking ceremony will take...

  • Food PeopleRollingPinSeptember 23, 2021
    Double comeback of the giants: Alain Ducasse and Albert Adrià open a restaurant together

    Two superstars are combining their powers. Michelin-starred chefs Alain Ducasse and Albert Adrià have announced their plans to open a restaurant together at the end of this year. Here's how this spectacular joint venture came about.

  • Food TechRollingPinSeptember 14, 2021
    Drive thru – the start of a new fast food era

    The new restaurant design for the American fast food chain Taco Bell no longer includes inside dining. Instead, it incorporates multiple drive-thru lanes.

  • Food PeopleTina Nielsen - FCSISeptember 9, 2021
    Davide Caranchini: championing sustainability

    Italian chef Davide Caranchini talked about his modern approach to sustainable cooking at his Lake Como restaurant Materia during a presentation at Madrid Fusión earlier this year. Tina Nielsen spoke to him at the event

  • Food ManagementTina Nielsen - FCSISeptember 3, 2021
    What’s on the menu?

    Foodservice operators have had to pay close attention to restaurant menus as consumer demands fluctuated during the pandemic. It is a trend that is set to continue.

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerAugust 31, 2021
    Meet up at the future gas station – fill it up with energy & joy

    In Germany, a quick trip to the "Tanke" (gas station) means cool snacks with a modern ambience and an attractive selection of everything you need for day-to-day life and partying 24/7. However, this appealing concept is starting to flounder.

  • Food TrendsBarbara E. EulerAugust 26, 2021
    The future is now – Food Report 2022

    Corona has changed our consumption and eating habits for good. The reboot of the restaurant and hotel industry gives us a chance to change direction, therefore ensuring we stay on course for the future.

  • Food PeopleKatie Morris - FCSIAugust 24, 2021
    The scoop on Snoop

    In celebration of National Black Business Month in the US, KTCHNrebel profiles restauranteur, inspirational business mogul and self-confessed all-round “hustler” Mychel ‘Snoop’ Dillard.

  • Food ManagementKlaus Höfler - Falstaff ProfiAugust 19, 2021
    Picnic comeback

    Corona has revived the picnic. To-go's big sister is here to stay, according to experts – and its expanding what it has to offer.

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm - RollingPinAugust 17, 2021
    Tamarind – the globetrotter

    Although not many people here have heard of tamarind, it is definitely a bona fide globetrotter. Ok, so it can't play basketball, but it is still a spice that is widely used all over the world.

  • Food TrendsMichael Pech - Falstaff ProfiAugust 12, 2021
    Contactless but still close to the guest

    Automated check-in, digitized menus and services with no direct contact to guests. The pandemic has sparked a digitalization boom in the hotel and restaurant industry that will change the sector for good.

  • Food TrendsSonja Planeta – Fallstaff ProfiAugust 10, 2021
    Game cuisine – all about cooking beaver, badger or racoon

    It's not all just venison or wild boar. After all, many other creatures live in the forest and mountains. Ever cooked up a beaver, badger or racoon? What sounds exotic today was once considered a delicacy. It's time to start rethinking...

  • Food PeopleValerie Hauff-PriethAugust 6, 2021
    Shrimp from the mountains

    In the heart of Austria, they have recently started breeding the best and rarest of shrimp. Initially, the concept was based primarily on the desire to make good use of the wood gas power plant's waste heat. Today, it is...

  • Food PeopleIsabell KniefAugust 3, 2021
    Mitsuharu Tsumura ’s path to the top through Nikkei cuisine

    Peru and Japan are separated by more than 9,000 miles and one ocean, but physical distance and cultural differences don’t matter at Maido in Lima. Mitsuharu Tsumura melds Peruvian and Japanese culinary traditions, creating what’s known as Nikkei cuisine.

  • Food PeopleLucas Palm - RollingPinJuly 27, 2021
    The Maestro on a Mission

    Massimo Bottura is the most colorful star in the international fine dining sky - and these days, he’s expanding his horizons even further. In this exclusive interview, the art-obsessed culinary poet reveals how he battled through the crisis, and explains how...

  • Food TrendsRolling PinJuly 22, 2021
    Mangosteen: the queen of fruits

    This exotic fruit owes its lofty nickname to Queen Victoria, the second longest-ruling British monarch: Legend has it that Victoria promised to knight anyone who brought her back mangosteens from their sea voyages.

  • Food PeopleIlona MarxJuly 20, 2021
    It’s a smell world

    Originally, Sissel Tolaas wanted to be an astronaut, but then she decided to explore the infinite cosmos of smells instead. Born in Norway in 1959, Tolaas studied mathematics, chemistry, linguistics and fine arts in just seven years at universities in Oslo,...

  • Food TechJacquetta Picton - FCSIJuly 14, 2021
    Ghost kitchens: growing the concept

    From multi-purpose equipment to software that evolves with your business, take a look at the next stages in the growth of ghost kitchens globally.

  • Food ManagementLucas Palm - RollingPinJuly 5, 2021
    Explosive elixirs

    What is an essence, and what exactly can you do with it? A foray between soup and sauce, as well as an unexpected run-in with a rabbit, will help clear things up.

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerJune 29, 2021
    Digitization creates gastro jobs

    Corona has crippled traditional gastronomy. Delivery business is booming. But to really cash in on your web business, you have to come up with something special.

  • Food ManagementMichael Jones - FCSIJune 24, 2021
    Convenience vs. customer experience: the food delivery trade-off?

    Food delivery operators, using ghost kitchens, all aspire to be different, better and special, but can they ever truly match a quality restaurant experience without compromising on convenience, and vice versa?

  • Food TechSonja Planeta – Fallstaff ProfiJune 22, 2021
    Meat substitute: not a disclaimer

    The popularity of plant-based meat substitutes continues. This constantly gives food startups new ideas that leave nothing to be desired in terms of taste. We took a closer look at five innovations.

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm - RollingPinJune 15, 2021
    Do (not) finish me off

    The sound and not-so-young convenience production industry is finally speaking up for itself. Why they feels so at home in their potato outfit these days – and what role first true fan Louis plays.

  • Food TrendsHeike LucasJune 10, 2021
    Stefan Pappert: Bread and games

    If you want to know how to make 90,000 people happy in the shortest amount of time, ask Stefan Pappert. After all, the 3 Lions' lead chef works at Wembley National Stadium, Emirates Arsenal, Chelsea Stamford Bridge as well as Windsor,...

  • Food TrendsKTCHNrebel Editorial TeamJune 7, 2021
    Best Chefs of Instagram 2021

    Haute cuisine meets snackable content: the perfect mix! It's not just in kitchens around the world that things are bubbling, simmering and sizzling away. Many international top chefs are also brandishing their virtual wooden spoons on Instagram. The result? Feeds and...

  • Food ManagementTina Nielsen - FCSIMay 31, 2021
    An open and shut case: restaurants re-opening wrap-up

    Depending on where in the world you look, the foodservice sector is at very different stages of reopening as we continue to emerge from the pandemic

  • Trend KitchenJacquetta Picton - FCSIMay 26, 2021
    A taste for change

    “What’s good for the planet is good for us” is a major driving force behind the rise of plant-based eating. But, is it a sustainable trend or a passing fancy?

  • Food TrendsAlexandra Embacher - Falstaff ProfiMay 20, 2021
    Mycology: the trumpet of death

    At first glance, this edible mushroom is rather off-putting to laymen due to its sooty grey to black color. But this reluctance disappears once the trumpet of death mushroom hits the taste buds.

  • Food TrendsIlona MarxMay 14, 2021
    “There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.”

    The trip to Hiša Franko takes you along winding country roads and follows the turquoise Soča River through a valley with the same name in the Julian Alps. Kobarid, a small town in northern Slovenia, lies in the middle of spectacular...

  • Food TrendsAlexandra Gorsche - Falstaff ProfiMay 11, 2021
    Food School: Moai Caviar

    The light green sea grape with a crisp bite: Moai Caviar. If you're looking for a plant-based alternative to fish roe, then this is it. Umibudo, a Japanese word that translates into English as "sea grapes" or "green caviar," is similar...

  • Food ManagementMichael Jones - FCSIMay 6, 2021
    Ghost kitchens: Operational recipes for success

    From the power of effective storytelling to a discussion of piano-playing cat memes – and a host of technical detail in between – Rational’s latest webinar addressed the next stage of ghost kitchen development: operational success.

  • Food TrendsAlexandra Gorsche - Falstaff ProfiMay 3, 2021
    Organic Garden

    Rethinking the food cycle with Organic Garden. From the farm to the plate, everything from a single source – that's how you could sum up Organic Garden's sustainable concept.

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm - Rolling PinApril 29, 2021
    Tour de Beef

    Farmers and producers in all corners of the world are playing around with creating the absolute best steak on the planet, in small quantities but on a grand scale. Why linseed oil turns calves into the most resilient cattle – and...

  • Food ManagementNikolaus Zoltan - Rolling PinApril 27, 2021
    Here are the hotel trends of a post-Corona future

    The travel and tourism industry is undergoing an irreversible transformation. However, the trends are not as obvious as you might think. What trend researcher Oona Horx-Strathern has found out about "healthness" concepts and why digital upgrading might be counterproductive.

  • Food PeopleTina Nielsen - FCSIApril 22, 2021
    Seven foodservice start-ups to watch

    Innovation in foodservice remains undimmed, despite a challenging year. We pick seven of the most exciting start-ups to keep an eye on in the future.

  • Food TrendsJacquetta Picton - FCSIApril 19, 2021
    Sustained by the sea

    Providing food for the world’s growing population is a perennial problem. Is it possible to find a way to reap the harvest of the oceans today and sustain this vital resource for tomorrow?

  • Food TrendsAlexandra Gorsche - Falstaff ProfiApril 15, 2021
    Food School: red bananas

    The popular tropical fruit decked out in an extraordinary garment: red bananas. braised, roasted or baked, the red banana enriches many dishes thanks to its wonderful flavor. This fruit tastes really great combined with oranges, kiwis, pineapples, mangos and peaches.

  • Food ManagementIlona MarxApril 7, 2021
    Food and the City

    "We need to leave the indoors behind, and take over informal spaces!" Jan Knikker's call for the revitalization of inner cities almost sounds as though he is aiming for some sort of guerrilla warfare.

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerMarch 31, 2021
    What’s behind the trend of private-label products for restaurants

    Making a profit, keeping your business in the hearts and minds of your guests and offering your employees a perspective – that's probably what all restaurateurs currently dream about. The solution? Sell brand-name products – that is, your very own! Consciously...

  • Food TechMichael Jones - FCSIMarch 23, 2021
    The future is now: how robots will change kitchens

    Headquartered in London, UK, but conceived via Russia, Moley Robotics has developed and launched for consumers the world’s first robotic kitchen based on a multifunctional cooking platform. Founder and CEO Mark Oleynik discusses Moley’s potential for commercial kitchens

  • Food TrendsAlexandra Gorsche - Falstaff ProfiMarch 16, 2021
    Food School: glass eels

    Glass eels are highly sought after on the plates, their species are endangered. Javier Mendoza goes into raptures when he talks about Angulas. As pintxo with salmon on white bread, the native of Nuremberg with Andalusian roots served this delicacy in...

  • Food ManagementJacquetta Picton - FCSIMarch 8, 2021
    All about Ghost Kitchens

    Ghost kitchens were already a strong trend before Covid-19 turned the world upside down. A Trend Talk webinar from Rational debates their place in the foodservice offering of the future.

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerMarch 3, 2021
    Eagerly craving a trip to a restaurant

    Corona and endlessness – that's how it sometimes seems. This means it's not always easy to stay optimistic, especially in the restaurant business. Why fight for this business? Who knows if anyone will still have the desire, time and money for...

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm - RollingPinFebruary 24, 2021

    In an age of growing scepticism about meat, single cuts have the power to define entire restaurant mono-concepts. They embody perfect craftsmanship and transparency, and are often significantly cheaper than what are considered to be high-end pieces. How a tough cut...

  • Food PeopleIlona MarxFebruary 22, 2021
    “If you can’t beat them, eat them.”

    Bouillabaisse made from Chinese mitten crab, venison from Nile goose, goulash from nutria: Why not restore the ecological balance by becoming a predator of invasive species?

  • Food PeopleLucas Palm - RollingPinFebruary 17, 2021
    Samba di São Paulo

    With his carnivalesque menu selections, Brazilian Ivan Ralston brings São Paulo's unique multiculturalism to the plate. Find out why he berated the Michelin Guide over the phone and the story behind his jazz studies.

  • Food ManagementBernhard Leitner - Rolling PinFebruary 15, 2021
    The winners, the losers and the virus

    Corona has terrorized us long enough. Time to refocus on a positive future and dare to take a gastronomic glance at 2021.

  • Food TechMichael Jones - FCSIFebruary 10, 2021
    Automation for the people

    Robotics and automation are changing the hospitality sector at an exponential rate. Keith Tan, CEO and founder of Crown Digital IO, tells us how the robotic barista ELLA is changing the face of F&B one cup of coffee at a time.

  • Food TrendsMichael Pech - FalstaffFebruary 8, 2021
    Deep frozen blast chilled

    The techniques have been commonplace for some time now. But freezing and blast chilling can do more than extend food shelf lives - they’re also a great way of making kitchens more efficient.

  • Food TrendsMichael Pech - Falstaff ProfiFebruary 3, 2021
    Sharp knives, gentle care

    They are the most sacred tool of any chef and deserve to be properly cared for. How to properly keep knives clean, sharpen them to perfection and store them in the best possible way.

  • Food TrendsGabrielle AliothFebruary 1, 2021
    Seaweed – the answer to everything

    "Not only is this ocean superfood extremely healthy, it also can solve both global food and environmental problem," says the young Irish marine biologist, Paul O'Connor. With his startup "This is Seaweed" he's looking for possible ways to bring this tasty...

  • Food ManagementTina Nielsen - FCSIJanuary 27, 2021
    Workplace dining: why foodservice must adapt

    With next to no office staff to serve, foodservice in the workplace largely ceased to exist as Covid-19 spread across the world. Post-pandemic it needs to be flexible to fit a market segment in flux.

  • Food TechJacquetta Picton - FCSIJanuary 25, 2021
    Hospitality spaces as Vaccination stations?

    The Covid-19 vaccine, in all its forms, is the beacon of hope that we will one day all be able to go out and mingle freely. Hospitality companies have leapt in to offer their spaces as vaccination stations.

  • Food TrendsSarah Helmanseder - Rolling PinJanuary 21, 2021
    Mother of food

    She swam with horses in the Hutt river, fell in love with Fergus Henderson, and opened Rochelle Canteen in an old bike shed. There, the one and only Margot Henderson has created a new home for classical british cuisine.

  • Food ManagementJacquetta Picton - FCSIJanuary 19, 2021
    First and best meal of the day

    As more people now work from home, many experiencing a commute of minutes rather than hours, what will happen to the breakfast-to-go market?

  • Food TrendsMichael Jones - FCSIJanuary 14, 2021
    Celebrating 2020’s heroes of hospitality

    The world over, 2020 was a year to write-off as a bad memory for most, but we must pause to reflect on the game-changing contributions to the industry by some extraordinary individuals.

  • Food ManagementJacquetta Picton - FCSIJanuary 12, 2021
    10 key foodservice trends in 2021

    The year 2020 was a year for the industry to forget, but a New Year brings new hope. It also brings new trends – plus, the continuation of some current ones into 2021.

  • Food ManagementNicola Afchar-Negad - FalstaffJanuary 7, 2021
    Rosy days

    A steak restaurant decorated in pink? "Of course,"says architect Ester Bruzkus. The oldest color in the world can actually do anything, you just have to trust it. Encouraging words.

  • Food TrendsAlexandra Embacher - Falstaff ProfiJanuary 4, 2021
    Food School: Dead Man’s Fingers

    Dead Man's Fingers, the rare blue cucumber brings in pizzazz. Called the blue pod, Dead Man's Fingers as well as Blue Sausage Fruit, these fruit stand out thanks to their unusual cobalt blue to blue-violet color.

  • Food TrendsSonja Planeta – Fallstaff ProfiDecember 28, 2020
    A collision of taste, aromas and sensor technology

    Whether you're sensitive to bitter tastes or not, no other taste component has greater individual, varying personal perceptions. Sensor technology findings are still used relatively seldom in gastronomy. However, understanding how to deal with taste and aroma in the proper way...

  • Food PeopleAlexandra Polič - RollingPinDecember 23, 2020
    Spot: León

    Pía León was the first woman in the kitchen at Central. At the time, everyone expected a honeymoon and maternity leave. But today things look differently, considering she was named Latin America’s best Female Chef 2018 and runs her very own...

  • Food ManagementTina Nielsen - FCSIDecember 21, 2020
    Sowing the seeds of success

    Plant-based food is proving to be a growing and lucrative profit center for operators worldwide. Alongside the future potential in lab-grown meats, the market represents an opportunity big brands can no longer keep off the menu.

  • Food ManagementJacquetta Picton - FCSIDecember 16, 2020
    Coping with the crisis

    As we near the end of 2020 and the development of three vaccines against Covid-19 gives hope to us all, we explore the inevitable changes this past year has brought to the foodservice landscape

  • Food TrendsIlona MarxDecember 14, 2020
    Mother Nature’s Son

    It is truly the Garden of Eden for health food enthusiasts – over seven acres of sun-kissed land in the middle of the Camargue, with 200 different kinds of fruit and vegetables growing in Mother Nature's most beautiful setting.

  • Food TechLukas Medek | Falstaff ProfiDecember 11, 2020
    Unoccupied beds? HospitalityHelps sets an example for Covid patients.

    The hotel technology enterprise Cloudbeds has developed an impressive creative concept, which utilizes empty hotel rooms to full capacity. The initiative HospitalityHelps offers an online platform which provides rooms for Covid-19 patients, as well as their family members or caregivers.

  • Food PeopleGabrielle AliothDecember 9, 2020
    Swiss high-flyer waiting for Salzburg Airport

    Awarded three Michelin stars and 19 Gault&Millau points, international top chef Andreas Caminada has been on an unprecedented rise for many years. In December, the Swiss chef was supposed to present his IGNIV restaurants in Hangar 7 at Salzburg Airport, where...

  • Food ManagementIlona MarxDecember 7, 2020
    Japanese konbinis – the smallest service centers in the world

    Eat and shop around the clock. Japanese konbinis are much more than multifunctional service centers. In fact, they have long held cultural significance in the country, and sell a truly amazing array of food and snacks.

  • Food ManagementMichael Jones - FCSIDecember 3, 2020
    Certainty in change: predicting the next decade

    ‘Sure things’ might be easier to predict when the going is good, but how impacted are long-term restaurant trends when a global crisis strikes?

  • Food TrendsBarbara E. EulerNovember 30, 2020
    Goose easy peasy

    We used to say the way to win a man's heart is through his stomach. However, these days it's all about comfort food. In other words, food that is tasty, comforting and indulgent, food that evokes the past with the same...

  • Food ManagementTina Nielsen - FCSINovember 26, 2020
    Ghostly growth: the rise of dark kitchens

    The growth of dark or ghost kitchens has accelerated in this challenging year as the delivery-only concept has provided foodservice operators with a different way to trade during the pandemic.

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerNovember 20, 2020
    Ready for all three phases of the pandemic

    Corona comes in waves, and the measures imposed constantly keep us on our toes. At times everything is under control and restrictions are lifted for the most part. However, at other times lockdown measures are adapted according to the current situation...

  • Food TechHeike LucasNovember 18, 2020
    Kitopi – a rising star in the Ghost Kitchen sky

    Kitopi is one of the world's leading cloud-based kitchen platform. Founded in January 2018, Kitopi is now helping more than 150 restaurants to become fit for the age of delivery services. State-of-the-art kitchens and trained personnel form the basis of Kitopi's success.

  • Food TechJacquetta Picton - FCSINovember 16, 2020
    Virtual restaurants: new model hospitality?

    After the worst few months in hospitality history is the app-powered takeout and delivery model of virtual restaurants a beacon of hope or the start of a slippery slope?

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerNovember 13, 2020
    Outside is the new in

    One thing we all have to used to is that Corona is a permanent guest and the measures surrounding it are impacting and driving business – to a sometimes greater, sometimes lesser degree. However, even the strictest of lockdowns is over...

  • Food TechBarbara E. EulerNovember 11, 2020
    The future of the hotel industry

    Even if we sometimes feel it is only possible to plan things day-by-day, it is still intriguing to ponder what the future might hold. This is particularly true when it comes to the hotel industry, which has been hit so hard...

  • Food TrendsALEXANDRA GORSCHE - FALSTAFF PROFINovember 9, 2020
    Zero waste: empty organic waste containers are the future

    United Against Waste, in cooperation with the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna and the University of Applied Sciences, Oberösterreich, has investigated the sources and causes of food waste. These are the results:

  • Food ManagementJacquetta Picton - FCSINovember 4, 2020
    The evolving food-to-go opportunity

    With the second wave of Covid-19 already encroaching we look at what lockdown lessons can be carried forward to help businesses survive and thrive.

  • Food TrendsIlona MarxNovember 2, 2020
    Inua vs Corona: How the Japanese Noma fights the virus

    Copenhagen's Noma is considered one of the best restaurants in the world. René Redzepi's radical focus on only using local products, creating purism on the plate and a casual to hospitality – all this has inspired many young chefs around the...

  • Food TrendsEditor - Falstaff ProfiOctober 28, 2020
    A menu à la food waste

    Food waste and disposable tableware are not necessary. With their project Wasteware, Kilga and Gollacker demonstrate how sustainable design and cuisine can happen. In Europe, almost 90 million tons of food are thrown away, and about 30 million tons of waste...

  • Food ManagementAlexandra Gorsche - Falstaff ProfiOctober 21, 2020
    Five tips for a personal brand

    KTCHNrebel gives tips on how to create a personal brand in five steps.

  • Food TrendsMaria-Jacoba Geremus - FalstaffOctober 19, 2020
    Flourishing Prospects

    Whether sugar-coated, dried, powdered, concealed as essence or nicely laid out – many flowers are edible and increasingly end up on our plates and in our glasses.

  • Food TrendsIlona MarxOctober 15, 2020
    Fish Wall Street

    Tokyo’s Toyosu Market is to seafood what Wall Street is to stocks and bonds: a financial seismograph for the entire industry, a hub of world trade. The number-one currency here is tuna, the most important of the five hundred-some types of...

  • Food ManagementBarbara E. EulerOctober 13, 2020
    Saving the world spoon by spoon

    Eating well and saving the climate – an impossible task? Not at all! Those who embark on a well-informed journey into the future of gastronomy will still be at the forefront tomorrow and beyond. The digital conference HolyTisch was full of...

  • Food TrendsHeike LucasOctober 8, 2020
    Vintage cooking, contemporary method

    Sometimes gastronomy behaves like the fashion industry: more and more trends in less and less time. And then, there are things that become timeless. Such as vintage fashion. Or smoking food. But what is behind the trend of re-energizing an apparently...

  • Food TechBarbara E. EulerOctober 5, 2020
    A tasteful step into the future

    These are the times. Nobody knows what it will be like tomorrow, let alone the day after tomorrow. It is futile to ask what gastronomy will look like in the next few decades, what we should get ready for and how...

  • Food ManagementAlexandra Gorsche - Falstaff PROFISeptember 28, 2020
    Do it for the gram!

    Sure, the price is right and the sites nearby – sounds good. But neither of these are the top priorities for younger generations. How Instagram is changing the hotel industry and why you shouldn't simply ignore it: see for yourself.

  • Food ManagementNicola Afchar-Negad - FalstaffSeptember 24, 2020
    Inside out: Biophilic design

    This type of design has long influenced architects and interior designers. Now, more and more hotels have started using their own “lite” version...

  • Food ManagementLiz Cooley - FCSISeptember 21, 2020
    Cutting plastic out of the kitchen

    Leading the way in the foodservice fight against single-use plastic. Plastic. The once wonder material offering countless benefits is now increasingly vilified in the court of public opinion. And perhaps rightly so. With just 9% of all the plastic ever produced...

  • Food TrendsRomilly Leech - FCSISeptember 17, 2020
    The meat of the matter

    Carrie Chan CEO of Avant Meats discusses the science behind the most sustainable and energy efficient alternative to meat production: cultivated meat. In 2015, businesswoman Carrie Chan went vegan. Soon after, she realized that the threats to the planet posed by...

  • Food TechChristoph KristandlSeptember 15, 2020
    Urban food: How agriculture is becoming an urban economic system

    In the future, food production will move closer to consumers – right into cities, supermarkets and restaurants. It doesn't get fresher or more local than this!

  • Food TrendsLiz Cooley - FCSISeptember 10, 2020
    Just what the doctor ordered

    How one Illinois food hall is serving up not just a great variety of food, but unique opportunities for female and minority-owned businesses. Offering a delicious array of flavors all under one roof, with the ease and comfort of a communal...

  • Food PeopleIlona MarxSeptember 7, 2020
    Lots new in the North

    For many centuries, surviving a long Nordic winter in Finland was something you had to be prepared for – those who did not take proper precautions were in for it. Collecting, drying, pickling, salting and fermenting were therefore an essential part...

  • Food ManagementFalstaff ProfiSeptember 4, 2020
    What will travel be like during the days of Corona?

    The effects of the Corona crisis on the hotel and tourism industry are becoming increasingly obvious and tangible. mrp hotels knows what should be taken into account for the summer. The Covid-19 pandemic imposes new requirements on hotels. How long these...

  • Food ManagementHeike LucasSeptember 2, 2020
    Expert Summit Hotel & Marine: high flying for inquisitive minds

    Business is booming, the place is the talk of the town, sales are steady and there is plenty left over by the end of the day.  Yes, this is all happening despite the days of Corona. You can do this in...

  • Food ManagementLiz Cooley - FCSIAugust 27, 2020
    Practical guidance for how restaurant operators can bounce back

    We take a look at the key considerations for restaurants as they reopen. As restrictions lift in countries around the world, bars, restaurants and cafes are once again serving guests with, not just great food, but the opportunity to break bread...

  • Food PeopleTina Nielsen - FCSIAugust 24, 2020
    British chef Ben Tish on his most personal project yet

    On the back of the successful opening of his most recent restaurant, Norma in central London, Ben Tish is keeping very busy indeed.

  • Food ManagementNicola Afchar-Negad - FalstaffAugust 18, 2020
    Restaurant 4.0: affective hospitality

    The restaurant of the future, or 4.0 as it were, is the subject of trend research, competitions and wild speculation. KTCHNrebel took a "seat" in the digital classroom and checked out what is going on.

  • Food TrendsLucas Palm - Rolling PinAugust 13, 2020
    The New age of food – How is convenience created?

    How is convenience created? What really matters during production? We offer an exclusive look behind the scenes in this industry, which was so forward-looking in the days of Corona, and let you know what ghost kitchens, roasting lines and meat cubers...

  • Food ManagementLiz Cooley - FCSIAugust 11, 2020
    A flexible approach to foodservice

    How social distancing and capacity limits, along with consumer confidence and footfall, have implications for the overall food-to-go environment

  • Food TrendsLiz Cooley - FCSIAugust 7, 2020
    From social media to a socially distanced new food experience

    How one UK restaurant business, started by YouTube star Mikey Pearce, has embraced the concept of dark kitchens as a way forward in the restrictive landscape of Covid-19.

  • Food ManagementMaria-Jacoba Geremus - FalstaffAugust 5, 2020
    Contactless comeback

    The hotel industry has practically come to a standstill due to the global Covid 19 lockdown. But what strategies can be used to make a comeback that does justice to employees and guests? In a recently published study, the Fraunhofer Institute...